Need help in creating an instruction for Changing AI Driver Names using MAS Utility

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    Can someone please assist me in writing a detailed instruction for what seems like a simple task of renaming the AI for an entire class/make of cars?

    I have used the video created by ISI, and an instruction written by another user but both leave out some fine detail when it comes to just changing the AI Names, Don't necessarily care about talent or skins at the moment.
    The issue I'm having is if I try and update the VEH files, the names change correctly but I lose all liveries - the cars are solid white. If I include all other files when I update I get an error stating missing original CMF.

    This is what I know works so far.

    1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\Installed\Vehicles

    2. Open the folder of the vehicle you want to change driver/team names.

    a. For this instruction we will use the Corvette_C7R_GTE_2017

    3. Open the latest version within this folder (highest number)

    4. Locate the MAS file should be ‘Car’, if there are multiple versions of vehicle the file name may be Car-upgrade.

    a. In rare occasions a mod may have multiple makes within the folder, i.e. Endurance Series in which you want to locate each team (.TEAM)

    5. Copy this folder to your desktop leaving the original, use these files in the MAS Utility to make any changes.

    6. Open the MAS Utility from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\Support\Tools

    7. With the MAS Utility open the folder you copied to your desktop.

    8. Sort by File Type

    9. Select all the .VEH files, right click, and Extract to desktop

    10. You may minimize or close the MAS Utility for now

    11. Open a single VEH file and navigate to TEAM HISTORY AND INFORMATION


    12. Change name ensuring the quotation marks are left intact.


    13. Save and close, repeat this process for each of the VEH files

    14. Open the MAS Utility and click on New

    15. Click Add Files and select the files that you just modified.
    This is where I need help. Creating the MAS files, adding or omitting MAS files, creating/naming/storing the RFCMP file and so on.
    Do I create a new version for example the GTE C7.R version is 2.59, would I create 2.60? What happens if the originator of the car releases a new version?

    I thought this would be easy but obviously not for me, so any help would be appreciated.
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    Would like a tutorial aswell - tia.
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    Hi @Bernd I was hoping you may be able to help, please. I want to modify the driver name, team name and description as well in cases where cars within the same make that share a number.
    I did accomplish modifying the *.*veh files and saving to the same MAS file, but obviously I lose all original driver name, team and description and I understand that this may be an issue if I were to do online racing.
    I recently tried the rFactor 2 instruction for Custom Liveries: How to Make an Update 'rfcmp' for League Use, without the custom livery as I only want to modify Driver Name, Team Name and Description for now.
    I did a search for a file with and there is not a single file on my computer, is this file a custom livery generated file? upload_2021-5-11_20-2-48.png


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