[REL] Nürburgring (2018) is now available!

Discussion in 'News & Notifications' started by Christopher Elliott, Sep 26, 2019.

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    You are right, but the historical version remains in pain since version 75 which is not pretty, lazer or not I do not care finally, the other versions, summer, autumn have bugs with the vibrators, I wish like many other historical circuit enthusiasts evolve on a track worthy of its name.
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    @Christopher Elliott Today i watched some Sessions from the 2021 24h Race on the Nordschleife and there, the Drivers could use the Shortcut through the Coca-Cola Curve, to start the Timing, after leaving the Pits, directly after a warm-up Lap on the GP Track.
    At least it seemed so.
    If that is an "official" Status now, can we expect the Track being updated with it too?
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