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    May 20, 2018
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    For a couple of months I've been plagued by screen freezes when participating in multiplayer races. This freeze only occurs when "person's name left the race" pop up, meaning when a player disconnects from the server during a race.
    I usually lose about a second and some more when it happens, and so far I have merged with another car twice, ruining his and my own race. If this issue doesn't get fixed it will keep me away from playing rFactor 2.

    I have read numerous threads about this issue and tried various things in order to fix it, but nothing really seems to work. I have only been able to fix it in one way, and that's by doing a clean install of the game and run it without changing anything but controller settings. If I, for example, change any graphical setting (which I have to in order to not drop too much in fps with a +20 man grid) the freeze comes back.

    My PC specs are most likely not the issue since I raced a lot in multiplayer last year and had no screen freezing at all. The only things that have been changed since last year are the following:
    - Fibre internet. About x10 faster, same provider and set up the same as the previous connection.
    - New rF2 build w/ dx11.
    - New drivers for the graphics card (GeForce GTX 660 ti).

    I'd really appreciate if I could get some help to find what's causing this, and find a fix for it. I really like this game and it would be a big shame to be forced to leave it because of an issue.

    Thanks in advance,
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