Movable objects flickering at night

Discussion in 'Track Modding' started by GBJsch, Sep 16, 2021.

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    I got a problem with movable objects (signs, bollands, etc) that, at night (with nightlighting and stuff) the objects keeps flickering, I tested with a simple 3d cube with a texture with T1 shader and with IBL Standard shader and it just keeps flickering, I'm using the same settings on the .scn as Loch Drummond.

    SCN settings:
    Moveable=True VisGroups=(32)
    MeshFile=sign_GEM_100_1.gmt CollTarget=True HATTarget=False ShadowCaster=(Static, Solid) ShadowGroups=(14)

    export setting of the object:

    What can I do?

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