Motorsport - my passion is being neutered?

Discussion in 'Real Racing Discussion' started by Bjørn, Jul 28, 2017.

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    What FIA and the likes haven't understood though, is that you don't make motorsport popular by making unpopular desicions and implementing arbitrary rules with new gen complicated tech. That is actually one of the points that makes it damn expensive. I think FIA actually underestimates what impcat stuff like Halo will have and what damage it will do to the sport and it's popularity, increasing the costs even more. Do they honestly believe that more people will watch F1 with that freaking flip flop on top of it? Allmost everybody (including current and old drivers) says it looks crap and yet they go for it. They should clearly take a look across the pond and see how it is done in Indycar - back to the roots in terms of visual design, simplistic and yet with tech to allow for close and competetive racing at a fraction of the costs that are required for F1 and hybrid technology, on tracks that aren't designed to offer 100% safety. Take a look at MotoGP - no uber safety messures but pure, competitive and close racing.
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    We, our community, feel resistant to this particular new tech because it is not a result of new capability or better performance or improved safety, rather it is being pushed down from forces outside the racing community.
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    Oi Buddy. It'll be fine. When it comes to racing, nothing has a better ratio of emission to performance than a petrol car. It takes 8 years for an electric car to break even with a petrol car when it comes to emission. So, some cars racing on petrol shouldn't be the problem. Happy days ahead.


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