MNRL NASCAR 1972 - Michigan

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    After a thrilling Dover, it's on to the high banks of Michigan for some very high speed excitement.

    Champion Motorsports presents a striking period from the early 80's: a wild west of temperamental turbos and no-nonsense naturally aspirated engines, marred by tragedy and punctuated by incredible racing and rivals. Emperor of Finland brings us a mix of tire types, wing options, engine choices and ground effects give racers a ton of options to build the car of their choice for the race weekend. Pro & Am standings will all a great matchup of skill as drivers do their best to survive the competition.

    CMS is one of the most friendly, open and accessible sim communities in the world. With chapters in every modern racing sim, there's racing every day of the week in nearly every discipline out there. Nowhere else will you find this level of competition and comradery in the same place. Whether it's your first race ever or you're a vet in real life racing leagues, you're bound to have an incredible drive against someone each and every race.
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    You guys need some rest and just post the poster... the text is from the 1982 F1 season :-D

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