CLOSED McLaren Shadow rFactor 2 Qualifier Results

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  1. Marcel Offermans

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    Oct 4, 2010
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    This thread contains the results of the races and any decisions taken by race control after reviewing those races (in those cases where penalties were not given in-game).
  2. Marcel Offermans

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    Oct 4, 2010
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    Race Control Report for the first race at Silverstone GP in the McLaren MP4/8

    Through to the rFactor 2 finals:
    1. Jan von der Heyde
    2. Michele D Alessandro
    3. Eros Masciulli
    4. Muhammed Patel
    5. Nuno Pinto
    6. Erhan Jajovski
    7. Dawid Mroczek
    8. Zbigniew Siara
    9. Borja Millan
    10. Petar Brljak
    • 50 seconds into the race, Alejandro Lopez dives on the inside curb into a gap that does not exist and hits the car of Kevin Siggy Reber.
      Fault: Alejandro
    • 51 seconds into the race, Lars Brugman, Fernando Alvarez and Riccardo Massa all move sideways for positions and squeeze others.
      Warning: Lars, Fernando, Riccardo
    • 61 seconds into the race, Marcell Csincsik has an unsafe re-entry onto the track.
      Warning: Marcell
    • 62 seconds into the race, Alejandro Lopez is on the outside of a turn, three wide, and turns into two opponents, not leaving any room. This causes a huge crash behind him.
      Fault: Alejandro
    • 77 seconds into the race, Alejandro lopez has an unsafe re-entry.
      Warning: Alejandro
    • 433 seconds into the race, Eneric Andre squeezes Fernando Alvarez, not leaving at least one car width.
      Fault: Eneric
    • 924 seconds into the race, Fernando Alvarez has an unsafe re-entry and causes a collision with Peyo Peev.
      Fault: Fernando
    • 1749 seconds into the race, Pedro Delgado spins in front of leader at a very inconvenient time and almost takes Michele D Alessandro out.
      Warning: Pedro
    • Alejandro Lopez: 2 faults, 1 warning, resulting in a DQ for the next round at Zandvoort
    • Fernando Alvarez: 1 fault, 1 warning, resulting in a 5 place grid penalty for the next round at Zandvoort
    • Eneric Andre: 1 fault, resulting in a 5 place grid penalty for the next round at Zandvoort
    • Pedro Delgado: 1 warning
    • Marcell Csincsik: 1 warning
    • Lars Brugman: 1 warning
    • Riccardo Massa: 1 warning
    Everybody with a warning will be under probation for the next event they compete in. Take care not to show up in the incident list again!
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    Apr 2, 2011
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    Race Control Report for the first race at Zandvoort in the McLaren MP23

    Through to the rFactor 2 finals:
    • Gergo Baldi
    • Peyo Peev
    • Kuba Brzezinski
    • Yuri Kasdorp
    • Adam Pinczes
    • Jimi Parisis
    • Jason Muscat
    • Felipe Caldron
    • Daniel Cziranku
    • Vojta Polesny
    43 seconds into the race: Lamy has a better start than Scrinzi and chooses to overtake on the left. Then both slightly turn into each other.
    Racing incident

    50 seconds into the race: Right on the braking point for T1 both cars are side by side. Alvarez is either surprised by Calderon in front or tries to overtake him and moves to the inside, where Polesny is. They bang wheels. The end result is that Alvarez is sent flying into the gravel trap on the outside of T1.
    Warning - F Alvarez - Avoidable contact
    Note: 1 fault and now 2nd warning for Alvarez during Shadow, meaning this will now become DQ for final round.

    55 seconds into the race: Tim brakes very late on the inside of T1. He cannot hold the inside of the turn and as a consequence hits Daniels. To add insult to injury, he then steers back to the apex, cutting off Scrinzi who has the inside of the turn but ends up having nowhere to go.
    Fault: G Tim

    62 seconds into the race: Daniels and Scrinzi go side by side. Daniels keeps left, Scrinzi squeezes him, and they bang wheels.
    Warning - G Scrinzi - Not leaving enough room

    67 seconds into the race: Lamy exits T2 with the outside wheels on the kerb, and keeps them on the grass on the short straight that follows. Then in T3 he dives into a gap, backs out just in time and exits the turn wide without leaving room for Whited, ramming into him. Both fly off, return, and Lamy attempts an overtake, but his rear wheel gets stuck behind Lamy and both fly off again.
    Penalty - R Lamy - Avoidable contact
    Fault: R Lamy

    81 seconds into the race: Cziranku goes slightly wide on the exit and then squeezes Berends who had more speed going into the turn and went for the gap. Berends stayed on the inside, but got hit, causing Cziranku to spin and Kumar to bump into Berends.
    Penalty - D Cziranku - Avoidable contact
    Fault: D Cziranku

    91 seconds into the race: Fernandez goes to the inside and, possibly due to his bad connection, people see him moving onto the grass on the inside. Then he dives for the inside of the corner, and there is contact with Kolarec. Kolarec spins and collects the innocent bystanders Van der Nie and Houben. Fernandez warning, please improve connection.
    Warning - Fernandez - Connection

    342 seconds into the race: Both Hoekstra and Van der Niet lock their brakes in T1, Kumar bumps into Van der Niet halfway the turn and spins onto the infield.
    Warning: N Kumar

    1630 seconds into the race: Foreplay is that Polesny has a better exit coming onto the straight. Zsupanek defends the inside, leaving the outside line to Polesny. They are side by side going into the braking zone. Exiting T1 Zsupanek already pushes Polesny onto the curb, but like lego pieces the cars fit together without a major touch. Both drivers are still side by side braking into T2, both cars slightly missing the apex while understeering through the turn. Coming out of the turn they are still so close that Polesny's front right wheel is literally in front of Zsupanek's rear. Now we have to really zoom in to see what happens: At 1646.598 both rear wheels miss each other by a whisker. At 1647.251 the left rear of Zsupanek touches the right sidepod of Polesny. This causes Polesny's car to slightly rotate clockwise, into the path of Zsupanek. Polesny's front right wheel then brushes the left airbox of Zsupanek as his car slighly looses speed and the wheel moves towards the left rear of Zsupanek. At 1649.103 those wheels touch as the cars are at the exit of the turn. At this point Zsupanek is leaving no room at all, even using the curb himself and forcing Polesny on the grass. Polesny backs off and both cars go on to finish.
    Penalty - B Zsupanek - 1 position penalty
    Not giving room and forcing other drivers off track is not the way to do it, Polesny would have gone by and had a advantage on next turn was it not for the bump off the track.

    • F Alvarez: 1 fault at Silverstone + 2xwarnings at Zandvoort meaning 2 faults = DQ for next round
    • G Tim: 1 fault
    • G Scrinzi: 1 warning
    • R Lamy: Fault (5 grid penalty in next round)
    • D Cziranku: Fault (5 grid penalty in next round)
    • N Kumar: Warning
    • B Zsupanek: 1 fault (1 position penalty for this round)
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  4. Jimmi Allison

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    Apr 2, 2011
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    Race Control Report for the first race at Indianapolis in the McLaren MP4/13

    Through to the final:
    • Mark Berends
    • Kevin Ryan
    • Antonio Kolarec
    • Steven Diem
    • James Sadler
    • Ben Horrill
    • Alejandro Lopez
    • Ivan Fernandez
    • David Beranek
    • Florian Geier
    49 seconds into the race: A Lopez starts on the left side of the grid and at the start moves to the right, with J Araneda next to him. Initially he leaves a healthy car width for Araneda, who is next to him, and then he decides to pinch him. Araneda has nowhere to go, they hit each other, Araneda brushes the wall and Lopez moves back to the left.
    Warning for A Lopez for not leaving room

    57 seconds into the race: L Tavares almost completely looses the car going into turn one, severely oversteering and slowing down. As he catches the slide he steers into the path of A Lopez who responds instinctively by turning left into the path of J Sadler. Both cars collide and Lopez looses some speed which causes Araneda to bump into Lopez who in turn gets a bump from Geier behind him.
    Racing incident

    60 seconds into the race: F Geier bumps into A Lopez on his right turning into the left hander, because Lopez have been off racing line.
    Racing incident, both drivers could have avoided contact

    61 seconds into the race: T Schmidt runs wide into T1, with traffic coming he goes onto the racing line where A Taruna runs into the side of Schmidt
    Racing incident, both drivers could have avoided contact

    75 seconds into the race: A few turns later A Taruna spins by himself, finds himself on the grass and looses control of the car there only to re-enter the track totally out of control onto oncoming traffic. He collects T Schmidt.
    Fault by A Taruna

    66 seconds into the race: G Scrinzi finds himself behind a pack of about four cars entering the right hander, and dives in between two of them. He does not make the turn and runs wide, hitting R Tissingh. G Scrinzi ends up in the sand trap to later return onto the track.
    Warning to G Scrinzi for dive bombing into that turn and causing avoidable contact.

    92 seconds into the race: At the braking point for the turn, M Williams was still behind D Kalocsai, but he aggressively tries to outbrake him. Side by side at the point where they need to steer towards the apex it looks like Williams will run wide and Kalocsai slightly looses it on the turn in. Both collide and Kalocsai spins out.
    Racing incident, both share part of the blame.

    99 seconds into the race: T Eziroglou clearly sees Miguel in his right mirror as the run towards the right hander. Despite that he steers in right onto the apex, leaving no room for M de los Rios. After that, P Delgado, G Scrinzi and V Pavlov are all innocent bystanders and get involved in the crash.
    Avoidable contact, fault by T Eziroglou.

    109 seconds into the race: Giulio is on the grass, and clearly has control over the car as he re-enters the track right in the path of Thomas and David. They skillfully avoid him, but this is not acceptable.
    Fault by G Scrinzi, unsafe re-entry.

    110 seconds into the race: Both drive side by side on the straight and all of a sudden M de los Rios looses complete control of the rear of the car and rams into T Eziroglou. Both spin off violently.
    Fault by M de los Rios, avoidable contact and a warning for subsequent unsafe re-entry.

    508 seconds into the race: R Tissingh looses the car in T1, runs over the grass, re-enters the track and tries to stay on it, looses control of the car and steers into C Rodger.
    Warning for R Tissingh, who at this point should have just crossed the track in a straight line and slow down before steering.

    1163 seconds into the race: G Scrinzi looses it into T1 and spins the car. Drives back into T1 at a 90 degree angle, with oncoming traffic. I Fernandez can only just avoid him and ends up on the curb where he spins and looses control. D Braune at that point has nowhere to go and hits Fernandez. Both spin and M Williams can't avoid the spinning car of Braune. As both Braune and Williams then make a pitstop, Williams is in front and clips the grass on the entry, causing Braune and him to collide again.
    Fault by G Scrinzi, who had no business re-entering the track like that at all.
    Warning for M Williams.

    Warning for A Lopez
    Fault by A Taruna
    Warning to G Scrinzi
    Fault by T Eziroglou
    Fault by G Scrinzi
    Fault by M de los Rios
    Warning to M de los Rios
    Warning for R Tissingh
    Fault by G Scrinzi
    Warning for M Williams
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