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    Hey everyone after hunting throught the forums and all over the web I cant seam to find any definative thread just about shaders some people have posted suggestions and such but it's slot of hunting so in here post the shaders you use and what for and we can make a list of suggestions to make the jump to rf2.

    So what shaders do people like to use?
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    For road - Road Shader Two Diffuse Maps. This is also good for painted lines of road surface
    Grass - Blended Grass Infields or Blended Grass Infields Dirt Track (V2)

    Those two are good for terrain itself. After that that, it depends a lot. For instance, I use "Bump Specular Map T1" for buildings, which needs highlight details and lightning specularity effects. If you need to reflect you enviroment from building windows, you need to apply material to those windows, which contains cube map. For armcos I use "Bump Specular Map T1" as well.

    For flora (trees, hayes etc.) you sometimes get away with simple T1 shader with some kind of transparency (croma or alpha blending), but sometimes you need to go for "Bump Specular Map T1" or "Specular T1" to get desired result.

    I think you can get started with you track project with those shaders. When you get more experienced, you find your own style to build things. Just follow few basic rules for track surface and infield/outfield grass, which is described in Track Technology document. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to archive wanted result. Track building is more art than exploiting technical possibilities.

    Let your imagination fly!

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