Making vMod for track that has update fails in build 494

Discussion in 'Component and Mod Packaging' started by DJCruicky, Mar 4, 2014.

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    When making a vMod of a track that comes with a smaller update file, I get an error 'Duplicate mas file name ###.mas, Rename this mas file in one of the included components to avoid this problem'.
    See screen shot. In this example the track Poznan is version 1.00 and comes with a smaller update file that brings it up to 1.01. When I try making a vMod for this track and click the Package button I get that funny message.

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    Same with other tracks that have updates, not just Poznan, have same message.

    If I try making the same vMod in old build it works without problem. I can even copy MAS2.exe from old to new build, that works too. Something broke in 494.

    Also the 'Get Missing Components' button for tracks that have updates seems to be broke too.

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    I'd recommend packing it with b382 mas2.exe and install it wih modmgr.exe version t of the same build.

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