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Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by LokiD, Aug 25, 2019.

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    Please make rf2 (like AMS1) return your wheel control profile back to its original wheel rotation!

    So if you have it at 900 in CP, make rf2 return it to 900 after running something else!

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    This is wheel (brand) specific I believe, which is half the problem anyway. From a 'technical support' viewpoint my suggestion is to use software rotation instead of having rF2 communicate with the wheel driver, but you know that already.

    Everyone with a FFB wheel can use the software rotation and the rotation will work properly for all vehicles in rF2, and the wheel itself (control panel / driver) is never altered. The better option is for the game to support all wheels (or as many as possible) so that any wheel-specific features function properly and have it return things to their previous state, so I get your post and agree, but it's also important to acknowledge the workaround - especially for newer players who might not be aware of it.

    You also posted about this already in the general section. I don't think you've said yet if you got software rotation working?
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