M1 Endurance League Signups OPEN!

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    Join the discord here for any further information: https://discord.gg/AyUzD9X

    M1 Endurance League

    The M1 Endurance League is a racing series ran on the rFactor 2 simulator, running the S397 Endurance Pack. The series will be featuring the 3 classes. LMP2, LMP3 and GTE. All cars are available.

    Calender: https://imgur.com/a/7NUcU16

    The calendar will be featuring a mix of races from different racing series, in order to offer a wide variety of tracks, compared to the same ones you will see in any other league.

    The big ones are still there, such as the 24 hours of Daytona and the 24 hours of Le Mans.

    Mod: S397 Endurance Pack: https://store.steampowered.com/itemstore/365960/detail/1004

    As discussed before, the mod that the league will be using is the official content created by Studio397, with all cars available.

    Assists: There will be no additional assists then that are already on the car by default.

    Setups: Setups are permitted and you’re able to create your own

    Prizes: There is going to be prizes on offer. The main one is a real life trophy shipped to every member of the winning team in each class. There is also a prize worth $100 for every member of the team available to everyone at the end of the season. More information can be found [HERE](http://m1endurance.discussion.community/post/season-1-endurance-league-9864877?pid=1305672067).

    Will it be streamed? Every race is going to be streamed, with a dedicated streaming team for every event.

    How many teams/Drivers can join?
    We’re aiming for around 40 teams, however there isn’t really a limit on how many enter. We’ll let you know if applications close.
    Teams can have up to 5 drivers, with 3 drivers being the minimum.
    There are currently 7 teams already signed up with signups opening yesterday.

    Where will the server be based?
    The server will be based in the Netherlands

    How do I sign up? Signups can be submitted here: http://m1endurance.discussion.community/post/season-1-endurance-league-9864877?pid=1305672067

    Join the discord here for any further information: https://discord.gg/AyUzD9X
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    Hey man, can i get a new link for the discord or sign up if there's still room?

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