Logitech Momo Racing settings and "usability"

Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by Igor, Nov 23, 2019.

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    I enjoy a lot rfactor 2, and I very much like to spend quite a few hours at the weekends driving Honda NSX, Chevrolet Corvette GS, BMW M5 and a couple of GT3 cars.

    Bad news for me, but I have my Thrustmaster T300 RS broken for quite a few weeks... Although "I could" buy a replacement... I should remark the gearbox of my car in bad shape (or this is what I believe/people made me believe)... So, for a couple of months I should priorize changing gearbox and the clutch in my Audi... and not replacing the wheel for leisure purposes (so no spending money on this subject).

    I must say I do have a Logitech Momo Racing (old wheel, max 270º rotation, in very good shape). But I really struggle with the force feedback, because I can not feel properly what "the car" is doing in rfactor 2 (as opposed to Thrustmaster T300 RS before)

    So here come the questions,
    • Is there a recommended setup to start with this wheel?
    • Should I do step by step what the guide of DrR1pper says and try to set up it like that (https://forum.studio-397.com/index....actor-2-the-key-to-being-in-the-zone-d.42931/)
    • Should I just drive karting, formula cars, Marussia, a couple of Tatuus and nothing else, because of the limited rotation degrees (270º) and the lack of "realism" with street cars and/or racing cars such as GT3
    • Should I just leave everything in the dust and wait until I can get a new Thrustmaster T300 Rs or any "decent" 1080º wheel?

    Thank you for reading
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    No help, but I am in the same boat. I really like the MOMO wheel, I like the button layout, and am perfectly happy with the 270º rotation. I don't have a Xbox or PS4, so I don't care about having the console controls on the wheel like the current Logitech offerings.

    Unfortunately it is pretty much unusable in RF2 because there doesn't seem to be any way to set the steering lock at a reasonable level. If there is, I can't figure out how to do it.

    In RF1 you set the steering lock in the garage to whatever full lock is, so when your controller wheel is turned all the way, so are the wheels of the car.

    Yeah, the Force Feedback is not great in RF2 with this wheel, but I am not going to spend any time trying to improve it, if there is no way to get the steering lock past ~13º. Some tracks you can hardly get out of the garage.

    On Edit: Seems I am an idiot, and the steering lock is car specific, it just seems the car I was trying to get a feel for the game with has a really low steering lock.
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