Loding a lot of veh files is real slow.

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    I could not find a thread on this since there are so many in the past week.

    Anyways I have set up my veh files in the Dev area and it is very slow to load all of them compair to rF1.

    I have around 43 different vehicle files which is way less than we had in rF1.

    We are a NASCAR modding group and we have it setup to have each Car make and teams within that car make. We also have around 100 veh files for each make for custom cars for each # 00-99.

    If I include all makes, Nascar teams (43-50 team) and all custom vehicles (around 420) it takes the game around 10-15 minutes to just load them. rF1 took around 10-20 seconds.

    Do we need to relook at how we make these cars available?

    It also does not list them in different catagories either. It just lists every car on the car selection screen and you have to thumb through the vehicle cards until you get to the proper vehicle you want.

    Example of how we had our structure:

    Custom Chevy Vehicles (#'s 00-99)​


    NASCAR Chevy Teams Vehicles​
    Hendrick Motosports (Lists Car #'s 5,24,48 & 88)​
    Stewart-Haas (Lists car #'s 10,14 & 39)​

    What can we do to make them list properly and load up faster?
    I think sim racers will get frusterated scrollling through the Vehicle Cards to find the # they want when there are a lot of cars in a particular MOD.

    I hope this brought up something you were not aware of with it loading large amounts of cars so slow.

    I will post other findings as we dig into this some more.

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