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Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by James Defant, Dec 2, 2018.

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    Back before rF2 went to Steam, ISI distributed their builds as standalone installers without any content - all the content had to be downloaded (and managed) seperately. The last installer I have - build 1098, was 340 MB. When I needed to update to a new build, I downloaded a new installer (they were getting progressively bigger) and that was it. If content was updated you had to download those packages and install them yourself through the launcher - but you only needed to update the ones you wanted.

    Today, through Steam, when I install rF2, it's a 15 GB download and then it downloads all the subscribed content in the launcher.

    I used to look forward to new builds. I haven't updated to a working DX 11 build because it gave me nothing but grief. Supposed to be stable now - I know, but frankly I've stopped playing because I don't want to wait hours to find out something glitched out and I have to re-install again.

    So, Studio 397, do you have any suggestions as to how I may get around the bloated forced downloads? There's specific content I really enjoy and a whole bunch I don't.

    It used to take 15 minutes to update rF2 - now it's hours waiting with my fingers crossed (but presently not at all because I don't like to wait for hours for something that will potentially not work (still running the DX 9 beta build)).

    Am I the only one who finds this frustrating? Are there solutions? Am I blind?

    i5 2500k
    Gigabyte Z77 UD5H
    8 GB ddr3
    eVga 970 gtx ftw
    2 x SSDs
    5 x HDDs
    blah blah blah
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    You have enough space, take the plunge. The 15GB download includes a lot of the stock content, you can unsubscribe from everything after installing which will limit the extras.

    Build updates now probably average 60 megs through steam, because only the changed files are downloaded.

    Your game is hopelessly out of date, things have improved a lot since then.
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    You can install, cancel the download of the workshop content, close the rF2, unsubscribe in the workshop (logged in) and open the rF2 again.
    This worked in the past.
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    Unsubscribe from all rf2 content in the workshop. In your rf2 install folder, go to "Userdata" folder , in there, open the "Launcher.cfg" file with a text editor and edit "Disable Workshop Auto-Subscribe" to True. Then you can have only base with no workshop content.

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