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    I am sure S397 has this thing in mind either way, but I think it is something nice little detail to wish for.

    I wonder if it is possible to have a shader that would have emission that would be triggered by the headlights of a car. This what I think about when I see all these reflectors on the barriers at Lemans, and of course the distance markers by the curves in the braking zones. They just look fantastic to me, together with beautifully looking lights, I was very immersed by night in Le mans yesterday. I think the only thing that was truly wrong was that I didn't turn out lights in my room haha. But back to reflectors. It is easy to tell that those just has emission, in case you can pretend they aren't by not turning off the headlights, you still notice that in your peripheral vision when you go by.

    So I just thought it would be nice if it would be possible to make the emission of those objects to react to headlights instead of just being static throughout the darkness the whole time.

    Of course I have no idea what I am talking about and what it would take, but it is nice to dream a bit about it. I think perhaps it would also be possible then to make other objeccts to reflect more of headlights light, such as metalic surfaces, or the white lines and other road paint.

    Anyway, if not it still all looks great, and I think it is good decision to make those objects to emit light by default this way faking the light being reflected from headlights. It shows up a little, but the positive effect is much greater. There is one more issue though, as whole objects has single emission colour the black areas in the brake markers also appears blueish for example, just a little detail.

    Finally, it is just interesting to think about real life, simply just an interesting thing. Of course pictures doesn't capture the night totally well, but the principles are interesting.

    And an interesting illustration:

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