LCD screens flicker @60HZ, triggers migraines

Discussion in 'Locations' started by SUE, Nov 3, 2012.

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    HIGHER REFRESH RATES I 'm not sure I'm doing this forum correctly, 1st forum, not very tech savvy. read threads about MODIFIED AMD/ATI driver to allow higher refresh rates. you all sound like you know this stuff so...I need advice. I get migraine headaches when I use my laptop. I've learned it's probably the refresh rate on my LCD screen. I can't actually see the flicker on a conscious level but all my research has led to this conclusion. I can change the refresh rate on the screen but my video card won't go higher than 60Hz. So that means I can't go higher on my laptop, right? I've always had to limit my time on computers. I'm ready for a new one but I want a laptop with a higher refresh rate for screen and video card. It's hard to even find the refresh rate info. online when shopping, I read the specs but often no help and I know nothing about video cards. Can anyone recommend some? Do I have to get an expensive gaming laptop to get this?
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    Sue, why are you posting this in so many forums? I would think that 1 place would be enough, especially since you have been getting replies from a few people in at least one of your many threads.
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    Try putting a source of light behind you, that is brighter than your display or any other source of light that is in front of you.

    If you live in the USA... all lights flicker at 60Hz... Or is it 120Hz... either way it would be in multiples of 60. (except LEDs... they run on DC current, 0.0Hz)

    LED monitors flicker because, they still have a refresh rate... and it's not the LEDs making the image... it's just using LEDs for a backlight as apposed to florescent tubes. The flicker is in the pixels. In the case of the florescent tube type of LCD monitor, the tubes flicker too...

    If it is, indeed the 60Hz flicker giving you the headaches... You, more than likely, can turn it down to 59Hz or even 50Hz.

    Don't worry about the decrease in FPS... I have a $50.00 dollar bill that says that NOBODY can tell me the difference between 50,59, or 60Hz... Of course to collect you'd have to come to my computer shop and tell me which monitor is running at 50Hz and which one is running at 59Hz... We'll leave the 60Hz setting alone... if it causes migraines in some people, that would give those people an unfair advantage. : )

    If FPS is all important (I just worry about whether it's smoooooth in appearance.) buy a high quality CRT monitor, plug it into your laptop, and the sky is the limit! Pretty much. And, that would do away with your migraines... and some desk space... might have a bad back after trying to get it where it needs to go.

    Do you have a flat panel TV??? Does that give you migraines???

    Unless it's a 3D TV, it's running at 60Hz.

    If your flat panel TV doesn't give you headaches, it's probably something else... Like your laptop's brightness is turned up too high, or like I said above, improper lighting in the room you're using your laptop in.

    Most often, the simplest solution is the correct solution.

    Hope this helps... I've seen this same post in other areas, but never replied.

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