Latest Roadmap Update - May 2021

Discussion in 'News & Notifications' started by Christopher Elliott, May 31, 2021.

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    Now I'm intrigued :p:D

    Sorry for the off-topic, but thanks for providing a rare literal laugh out loud moment for me.

    To swing back onto topic, I agree. I don't know why things get so philosophical sometimes, and tribal. Some things have simple, logical, fixes. And basically everything in a game is smoke and mirrors, in some cases rF2's openness works against it (for those who lack understanding of how other games work, especially). It seems like someone expresses an opinion, that places them on team A, and someone who sees themself on team B then argues against their opinion. 4 pages later the cycle restarts.

    On downshift protection, the other side to that would be more flexible engine damage for the modder. But that's a discussion for a more targeted thread; the point is it's either not so hard or not so easy, depending on the topic and what's being said about it...
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    Ok but while it’s true that for tires real data is lacking or even not possible to fully acquire, but still I believe drivetrain model can be simulated much better based on real data. But I get that it would have to be some approximation to simulate various different real world implementations.
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    No need for real data if it's unavailable or too much work.
    Any quick fix that prevents arcadish immersion-breaking machine gun shifting will do.
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    Hola Christopher Elliott
    I wanted to give my opinion on a couple of aspects to see if they can be improved. The first, when you enter a server and go to the information tab, you can see what type of event is, if it is practice, qualy or race. My request is that all three of them be seen at the same time, if I am in practice I would like to be able to see the duration of the qualy and the race, to prepare the setups without having to wait for the sessions to pass.
    Another thing is that when you are doing a practice you can see the times of each player, but when you go to qualy those times disappear and you can no longer consult them. It would be nice to have several tabs where you can see the practice, qualification and race times. So you can check the times that have been made during the event.
    I do not know if these changes are possible and if they are important for most, but if they believe that they can serve to improve the experience of Rfactor 2 then better.
    Thanks and greetings !!
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    I wanted to complement S397 on the hard work you did with the graphics so far, the difference between how Rf2 looked like up until 2019 and how it looks now is huge. Better lighting, better shaders, better looking cars, better effects, fixed the day/night transitions, made the sun visible... :D

    I think Rf2 made the biggest strides in this aspect during the last years. Cheers!
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