Latest Roadmap Update - August 2017

Discussion in 'News & Notifications' started by Marcel Offermans, Aug 19, 2017.

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  1. Dady Cairo

    Dady Cairo Registered

    May 11, 2017
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    And i have just bought a new PC just to race RF2!!!
    And that for the FUTURE.
    As i said before -ready on X-mas.
    Till then Project Cars 2....
  2. Christos Segkounas

    Christos Segkounas Registered

    Feb 14, 2017
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    I do not.
    I may not have been around for too long, although I have made sure to educate myself on RF2 matters as much as possible, but my experience, my instincts, my logic tell me there's not a chance in hell this could ever be true.
    The game is marching forward, the only worry is if it's too little too late, if they can make up the lost ground or even manage to keep up.
    The sim market is becoming more crowded and competitive by the day.
    On the plus side, RF2 is special, it's not just another sim and that's why it has such a hardcore following and that's how it managed to survive.
    But that is no longer enough for survival.
    I for one am willing to wait, at the end of the day it's not an incomplete product, it's the best effing value for money on the market and the best physics engine and there's already tons of content for practically free, it's not a freaking demo like one could be excused for believing from reading some of the negativity.
    What's hurting the sim is the difficulty in new people finding races to do and leagues to participate to get hooked because trying to find some quick racing searching through the server list will result in you getting frustrated and empty handed.
    Need to have official racing pronto and easier access to online league racing.
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  3. Emery

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    Oct 24, 2010
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    It's a competitive market in the obvious categories of content, content distribution, graphics, graphic effects, and ffb, but very little competition when it comes to modding, UI, AI, flag rules, race structure, organization, and server administration.

    Leaving iRacing out of the picture for the reason that it's a different animal from the others, I see:
    - AC wins in modding for the ease, rF2 wins for capability completeness (yet it's still far too easy in both to make a crappy mod because there are no automated checks to keep you from doing stupid things and very few people understand the full capabilities available)
    - no one is really winning in UI (though rumours that pCARS 2 is getting close)
    - rF2 wins AI with AMS rapidly gaining
    - rF2 & AMS have best flag rules
    - AMS supports the most race structure
    - pCARS 2 has taken a sizeable poke at overall organization though it's possible rF2 will overtake them
    - server administration is weak across the entire market
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  4. T1specialist

    T1specialist Registered

    Jan 11, 2012
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    Ac also has far better tools and documentation and as a platform ac has basically no traps that cause unexplainable issues that can take months to solve (by using the word traps I don't mean that the issues exist intentionally). Like things like happen where mods for example can interfer with other mods. Rf2 has loads and loads. Only thing where ac mod can interfer with another is probably lcd text fonts as all of those are stored in shared folder but if you name yours correctly it won't overwrite another. Rf2 has so many ways to interfer that it would take a book to write them all down. And none of them are found in any documentation. Rf2 mod development is so much about fixing undocumented issues and nonsensical requirements that it is no wonder 90% of the mods are rf1 conversions where someone has managed to find a working labyrith of combination for that mod and the converter can just add polish on top.

    Ac also has far better check systems for find errors and bugs for modders. I've never been able to make use any of the logs rf2 offers. It also seems some errors are supposed to be there in the logs. You are constantly wondering if something is broken but you just haven't noticed it because everything can break everything. No separate dev mode is also huge plus for ac as is lack of unnecessary mod packaging system. Rf2 has steam mods which is great for making sure your mods are up to date. But ac has other ways to fix mods on the fly.

    But ac wins it in every other way as it is much more versatile and moddable system overall. Which is really bad for rf2 because rf2 is supposed to be THE modding platform. Yet it is completely beaten by a game that is also a modding platform. Especially for new modders rf2 is hopeless alternative. The lack of documentation hits hardest the modders who are new. This where ac scores its biggest win over rf2. The new modder experience. Anybody can make a mod for ac because the necessary info is out there. A car, track (no idea about apps/plugins). Good physics and sound are still difficult specialties but ac has the breadcrumbs to make that path visible enough so person starting from 0 has good chance of creating very high level content on first attempt. Rf2 is a challenge even for experienced modders.

    Rf2 has ac beat when it comes to in-depth physics features. Something like a solid rear axle in ac is pretty poorly implemented for example. But ac does have hybrid engines so it is not rf2 winning it all there (although ac still doesn't have option where you have electric motor on front axle and other engine on rear. But has awd). Rf2 also models wings attached to wheels directly which is a basic requirement for any open wheeler car aero to be correct. Ac doesn't. But ac has pretty complex aero with moving wings and wing controllers that make it possible to simulate everything correctly from fan cars to airplanes to modern supercars with moving wings. Biggest thing for ac is that 99% of the values make sense when you read them. In rf2 every value is a 15 minute googling experience in good situation, in bad situation you won't find anything anywhere about a parameter.

    Another plus rf2 has is the upgrades system which is something ac doesn't have at all. But ac offers "step'" versions of the car which are basically upgrades. Ac also allows changing aero configurations via setup (it is done with animations I think) whereas rf2 upgrades can't be changed once in the game.

    See content manager for ac. It is basically totally new ui that can even fix mods that are not up to date.
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  5. jlnprssnr

    jlnprssnr Registered

    Jul 18, 2016
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    Why is this thread still pinned, when there’s already a September dev update?
  6. pkelly

    pkelly Registered

    Nov 14, 2011
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    Perhaps for future reference?
  7. davehenrie

    davehenrie Registered

    Jul 6, 2016
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    yes, if the roadmaps remained pinned, then users can easily find them if they wish. And, perhaps they just don't want to UNpin them. Who knows?
  8. Lazza

    Lazza Registered

    Oct 5, 2010
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    Maybe, perhaps, possibly. They're no longer pinned :D
  9. Depco

    Depco Registered

    Jun 16, 2014
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    Looks to have been unpinned
  10. Louis

    Louis Registered

    Dec 27, 2016
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  11. tafkams

    tafkams Registered

    Jan 13, 2015
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    "... but it should tell you that we’re pretty close to a first public beta release."
  12. ADSTA

    ADSTA Registered

    Nov 19, 2011
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    Why don't you quote the whole sentence.
    "Obviously we can’t predict yet how long this phase will take, but it should tell you that we’re pretty close to a first public beta release. "

    Louis, why bump this old thread with a question you already asked 15 minutes earlier?
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