Kicked from multiplayer server randomly when joining

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Matheus Machado, Sep 17, 2019.

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    In the VEC preseason race at silverstone, I had issues when joining the server. After loading all cars, the game would close itself and quit to desktop. Network settings were correctly set for the connection. I could only join after 3 computer restarts.

    Also during the week of practice I wasn't able to join the server after it showed the same behaviour, one of my teammates reported that I was showing in the server as a ghost car, allocated to a pitbox with no actual 3d model being rendered. I wasn't able to see the server and try to rejoin, even when setting the game to be on spectator mode. All other servers could be seen normally both on the rf2 launcher and steam browser.

    After around 40 minutes I was able to join the server when the game showed a message (to my teammate) that I was removed due to not receiving updates.

    Trace files are attached

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