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Discussion in 'ISI cars and tracks' started by Javik, Mar 27, 2014.

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    All i can say it's a F'in mess, from the feel, to servers, to people releasing modded versions of the same **** within 24 hours of release.
    rF2 has not been released, and yet the server list is full of slightly modded versions of everything,
    every time you join something you need to download their version of whatever you going to drive.
    Setting up a real kart is easier than trying to get this thing to feel anything close to a kart.
    you need to do something about the tires on the track.. on a public server, you can't make a lap without a tire in the middle of the track.
    the drivers need to eat, and i thought i was skinny, they look like aliens in driving suits.
    i don't know why ISI just didn't update rF1, this has been the most hair pulling, unsatisfying racing sim to date.

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