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    Hi guys,

    I have an issue when I use qualify session and go to next session (Race). Grid order is not reflecting the qualify result. The KnockoutQualifying plugin is disabled.
    Qualify session settings are : Time : 15 minutes, Laps : unlimited (also tried with 50 laps).
    No warmup session.
    Race settings are : Grid Position : Random (also tried with a defined position).
    Mods are : KartSim Rental DLC, Kartsim Senior DLC, ISI Kart.
    Issue is the same on all Kart tracks used. I always wait the end of the session (I mean I don't use accelerated time neither the 'Finish Session' button). When I click Next Session, the grid order seems to be randomly generated.
    I have checked the result xml log files and found this line for AI :
    <Lap num="15" p="105" et="--.---" fuel="1.000" twfl="1.000" twfr="1.000" twrl="1.000" twrr="1.000" fcompound="15,N/A" rcompound="15,N/A">38.1492</Lap> (this mean a lap time without intermediate sectors time) and these strange lines :
    <ControlAndAids startLap="1" endLap="13">AIControl</ControlAndAids>
    <ControlAndAids startLap="14" endLap="16">UnknownControl</ControlAndAids>

    Do some of you have the same issue ?
    Any ideas how I can avoid this behaviour ?

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