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Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by BoothJoe, Dec 25, 2015.

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    I had this happen a while ago and it happened again tonight. Let's say I create a skin for a car in the Eve F3s. I go into single player, choose one of the F3 cars and create a new directory. Then outside of RF2 I copy a new skin to the newly created directory. Then I go back into the game, select that car and go back into Tuning. Now I can cycle through the skins until I find the one I created. I create a new driver and use my name Booth Joe, team is Booth's Speeders, description is Booth #69 and the number of the car is 69. Everything is fine.

    Now, ISI comes out with a new 2012 mod and I create a special skin for one of those cars. I go into single player and do the exact same steps as above. When I create the new driver, I again give it the name Booth Joe, Booth's Speeders, Booth #69 and car number 69. However, no matter what I do, this new car will not show up in the list of cars in that group. The Booth Joe directory exists, the skin dds is in there and everything looks good except the car does not show up in the list.

    But I've found a solution. It appears you can't use the same driver name on any other car anywhere in RF2. If I go back into the 2012 mod and follow all of the same steps except when I get to the point where I have to enter the driver's name, I put in a different name (say Booth Joseph), the car will now show up in the list.

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