[IROn] Indy cars @ Indianapolis Motor Speedway - July 7

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    The next Race for Fun take place @ the RACING CAPITAL OF THE WORLD : Indianapolis Motor Speedway!!!

    La prossima avventura si svolgera' sul mitico tracciato ovale di INDIANAPOLIS!!!


    Server: IRaceOnline.com_1

    Mod:INDY by ISI

    Track: Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Oval)

    Password (just for the event, not required during the week): IROn

    Team Speak: IP

    Password: IROn

    Race Date: Lunedì 7 luglio 2014 --- 2014 July 7th, Monday

    Race Timing and Rules

    -Practice: start 20.00 CET

    -Qualify: start 21.40 CET, 10 mins

    -Warm Up: start 21.50 CET

    -Race: start 22.00 CET, 100 laps (max 60 mins)

    -Max Lap Qualify:Unlimited

    -Fuel: Normal

    -Tyres: Normal

    -Damage Multiplier: 50%

    -Time Scale: normal

    -Set Up: free

    -View: Cockpit

    -Weather: rFactor2 Weather Tool

    ...coming soon...but probably sunny 8)

    Follow us and subscribe to the race HERE

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