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    I have a strange problem with my HP1440 WMR VR headset while playing Rf2, which is not present in any other VR game.
    I have double vision when the software IPD is set to my actual IPD (67mm), I have no problems with Assetto Corsa at this setting.
    When i load Rf2, it will crash straight after I click single or multiplayer from the launcher if WMR-Portal is currently running, i need to close down all VR related aplications for the game to start correctly.
    Once the game has started, i have pronounced double vision, in the menus, and in the game, it's so bad, that small text is almost unreadable. The only way to make it look as it should, is to reduce the software IPD to 55mm, but this gives me terrible headaches the next day.
    I have played with the world scale in game, but this has no apparent affect on the actual spacing of the virtual eyes in game, and does nothing to correct the issue, it just affects the scale of what i'm seeing, not the spacing of the cameras.
    I would very much appreciate some other ideas of what i could try to resolve this issue, as i would like to get back into racing in Rf2, since i have been mostly playing discord league races in AC since i got my VR headset.

    MSI B450 gaming carbon AC
    Ryzen 5 3600
    RX5700 XT
    16GB Ripjaws V
    HP1440 WMR headset
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