Interpolating vehicle positions between ScoringUpdates using quaternion

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by The Iron Wolf, Nov 29, 2016.

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    I am working on a shared memory plugin for rF2. I am not familiar with quaternions, but from what I read they might save me some cos/sin calls. In fact it's been many years since I worked on 3D games, so pardon for being noob.

    Currently, interpolation is done this way:
    · Calculate new localRotation based on rotationAcceleration.
    · Convert localRotation to world coordinates.
    · Build new orientation matrix by rotating around three axes. (this requires 12 sin/cos + 3 sqrt) calls per car.

    From what I read here I can reduce this to 4 calls + 1 sqrt per car. My issue is I don’t get how to get Angle mentioned in the article from rF2’s localRot? One thing I could think of is to rotate by each component, but that eliminates the benefits and I save nothing.

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