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    Hopefully I'm not stepping on any toes. This can be seen as an addition or modification to this mod here:

    I had a week off of work for my birthday week and wanted a project to see if I can document on how to add the IBL/PBR shaders to mods. My first attempt was here: https://forum.studio-397.com/index....-2016-and-indylights.55779/page-2#post-999267. Looking for a new project, I decided on this as it had a vast library of skins for this car in rF1 and then there is an excellent base conversion by Chappielike2009.

    I did a number of graphic edits and updates to the Update.ini along with the addition of many, many skins. Physics wasn't touched as I know nothing on how to fix or edit this. So the bug with the car bottoming out at Indy is still present. Please raise the car ride height to about 2 inches and your car won't bottom out. If some body has experience in physics and wants to update them, please let me know.

    Other additions:
    I added the skins from 2007-2011 to this mod. It's about 468 total skins if I counted correctly. They are all organized and should be a consistent format with the other Indycar releases. I also added the Panoz GF09 from the original 2007 mod. Please note that it is used strictly as a grid filler. It does have the IBL/PBR shader applied but the model should be redone to match the quality of the Dallara.

    Michael Peters - rF1 mod - Skins from 2007-2009
    Chappielike2009 - Initial rF2 conversion base
    Mike Peters, Kevin Bean, Shawn Campbell, Mediocre, and 'Marco' - Indycar 2010 skins
    Bassman58 - Indycar 2011 skins
    There was model updates on the Indycar 2010 mod. Some of those are included here.

    If you have a skin, and I missed you, please let me know!

    - Physics could use a revamp. I could add the DW12 tire physics if needed/wanted?? But anything else is beyond my knowledge. Car bottoming out and weaker FFB is still present.

    - Panoz GF09 could be redone to a higher quality.

    - Skins are a direct conversion from rF1. This includes the shadow layer applied, which isn't needed for the IBL shaders. With not having access to the original PSD, it will have to stay that way.

    - With not having the original .PDS, the cars are using a very generic _Region.dds. It is applied that it is "Shiny Vinyl" as most car liveries are applied that way. New Skins created should be able to use the full IBL/PBR system

    - I want to add the Rainlight and maybe add some additional mirror support options. If there is a 3d modeler that would like to take a look, please let me know.

    - The 2009 mod skins go as far as the Mid Ohio round. The last 4 races are not accounted for.

    - rFactorcentral appears to be mostly down. So some additional skins may be there, but not downloadable.

    If there is any thing else or any improvements, please let me know. Please uninstall the previous version as I did rename the files.


    As with everything I release, I'm horrible with taking screen shots :) Please add some if you make some

    20191130234834_1.jpg 20191130235030_1.jpg 20191201142336_1.jpg
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    Sick, ive been waiting for an IR05 mod
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    Awesome effort - thanks
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    Thank you for keeping Indycar alive in RF2. Great job.
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    Amazing cars! Thank you!!!
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    I won't support any of the IRL til they properly award Paul Tracy his Indy 500 victory.
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