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    How do you move the virtual mirrors so that they are at the height where the real mirrors would be in an open wheeler? Doesn't make sense to have them in the sky. And can you adjust them like the real mirrors?
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    Shift+Seat view adjustment controls to adjust all mirror reflection heights

    Shift+Alt+Seat view adjustment controls to adjust mirror reflection

    in cockpit:
    Left Mirror use Ctrl+Seat view adjustment controls to adjust left mirror reflection

    Center Mirror use Ctrl+Alt+Seat view adjustment controls to adjust center mirror reflection

    Right Mirror use Alt+Seat view adjustment controls to adjust right mirror reflection
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    I know that the virtual mirror can be adjusted with the shift+Seat keys.

    Unfortunately the angle how you can twist the mirror around the vertical axes is limited to +- 100 and within some modes (e.g. URD) the maximum value is not sufficient that the virtual mirror is viewing a symmetrical picture from the rear ( e.g. long straight, car in the middle of the street, mirror shows more of the left side of the road but is supposed to show both sides of the road).

    Is there a value in the player.json where the adjustment range of the virtual mirror can be set? What other opportunities do exist?

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