Indy performance difference between GP and 2007 Layout

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    Please, could some dev. test this and give some feedback/confirmation about why it is like this:
    I discovered a huge difference in performance between the Indy 2007 layout and the latest Indy GP layout.
    On the start/finish straight, there is a 4-5 ms difference in GPU frame time. I have attached graphs from fpsVR that shows the difference. My questions is as follows:

    1. Can it be that the 2007 layout is not "PBR:ed"?
    2. If the 2007 layout also is "PBR:ed" what can it than be?
    3. If the 2007 layout is not "PBR:ed", would it be possible to have an option to disable PBR to us VR users?

    My settings is all on LOW/OFF except Shadows on LOW.

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