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Discussion in 'Wish Lists' started by Risto Kappet, Jun 11, 2022.

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    I wish there was a list where users could see the improvements and updates that are being worked on, items from this same "Wish Lists" that are either taken onboard or discarded and so on, something at least partially interactive and/or up to date.

    This could also save the traffic here, if there was a FAQ for example, so people won't need to duplicate their opinions or threads and create noise when if maybe it's already something that is coming out next patch.
    A "known issues/workarounds" documentation would also be extremely helpful, I cannot locate anything like that in these forums.

    Also remember when rF2 had roadmaps? Even if they were casual writeups, they were great in giving some perspective and insight, hope and exctiement.
    Any plan for returning those or something better in the future?
    The tag for Roadmaps still exists
    but hasnt been updated since october.
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    The abolition of roadmaps is surely not so long ago people have forgotten about it. Right? Right?
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    Not having roadmap in public is safer when you don't reach the goals that were promised in roadmaps. So i can understand why they are not here.
    it surely sucks for us normal user, but in a way this increases the surprise potential of new improvements, content etc.
    for me personally roadmaps were hit or miss , sometimes there was basically nothing in them other times if it contained any improvements, i didn't care about it.(for example broadcasting , PBR helmets...).
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    Wasn't there a roadmap where they talked about this but for bugs etc? Never seen the light of day
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