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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Depco, May 5, 2017.

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    First of all I would like to think Studio 397 for all the hard work they're doing on rfactor 2. Since the DirectX 11 update has come out I have seen my frames drop from 100 + into the mid twenties. However in four days, three really, they have been able to make adjustments and post hot fixes that have brought me back up into the mid-to-upper 50s and even 60s. Well not every piece of eye candy is on it does look fantastic, and it runs a lot smoother then the dx9 version did.

    Under the X9 I had stuttering occasionally that was enough to cause concern. Under DX11 it has been buttery smooth with only the very very occasional hiccup.

    They have clearly been paid attention to what the posters in the forums have been saying. And the people free with the forms have also been very attentive to upload logs and other things that the developers have requested them.

    I think the community deserve some credit here as well as they have been pretty communicative wood Studio 397 in expressing the problems that they were having and then doing a studio 397 has asked to try to help squash the bugs.

    Again, I would like to think Studio 397 for all the work that they're doing and wholeheartedly support work that they're doing to make this great Sim even better.
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    It's refreshing to see the devs active in the forums,a far cry from the hush hush if we don't acknowledge it attitude on iracing.
    I agree that s397 have done a wonderful job regarding hotfixes,and in general I think they knew what was wrong with rf2 because they are sim racers at heart themselves.

    The future is looking so bright,the only problem is I now seem to have wasted £600+ on iracing.because I just can't seem to get the urge to use it anymore,now that rf2 runs butter smooth and is looking better.

    I have a feeling we are yet to see the full extent of what s397 have in store for us,in regards to customer relations
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    Well said Depco, same results here. Quite amazing how my oldish machine is now transformed over night. Thank you S397 !!! Added this image ,guess the track?? no this is at work this evening but its almost exactly what I was looking at today lapping Silverstone at 6.30pm with light cloud..

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    Haha, it's funny how I bought an iracing subscription for 1 year about a month ago and haven't played the game for 2 weeks because the RF2 league I'm involved with is more fun and keeping me super busy.
    In any case, last night there was a hotfix so to speak that greatly improved the fps on DX11 for me although still work needed.
    However last night was when I switched back to DX9.
    Reason: Trackmap and the races coming up this weekend.

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