Improve the sounds of rF2, without being excessively time-consuming for S397.

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    There are things which in my opinion should be given priority in the evolution of rF2, and which necessarily differ according to the users (example : improvement of the physics engine, graphics performance, AI, number and quality of car content [realism of physics] , etc.).

    One really important thing, but probably less of a priority at first is improving the sound.

    Since this is probably not the highest priority, we can presumably expect the sound engine to not be improved in 2020 (I guess).

    But I think S397 can do relatively little time-consuming work (I guess) but that would improve things a lot.

    It would be 2 things :

    1) Separate as much as possible all the sounds that it is possible to separate and which it would be justified to do so : for example, collisions, the sounds of nature, of the public, flashbacks, et cetera.

    2) Make each of these sounds customizable and modifiable separately (that's good, we have a new UI !).

    By a simple customization of these sound settings, we could I presume to improve the sound in general, and even make it more realistic....

    Probably with much less work of S397 than for the deeper improvement of the sound engine.

    I have little knowledge in this area, maybe it's a great idea, maybe not.

    The idea is in the hands of S397!
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