Impossible to find rally/hillclimb tracks/cars

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    I necro this if someone is interested in hill climbs.

    In their website there are some links from where you can download the tracks, the cars and some video-tutorials about car modding:
    Click on Locations.rar for the tracks, ModDev.rar for the cars and Tuto01 and Tuto02 for the video-tutorials. Videos are in french language.

    The cars are bad, I'm telling you. They aren't in rfcmp format, but just folders to put in moddev\locations\. I tried to use them in dev mode, but RF2 gives me errors.
    So I put some of them in mas and then in rfcmp format and installed. There are the Clio, the Leon MK3, the 106, the 306, the Saxo, the Norma M20, some GT3 cars and some others. Tried the Clio, the 106, the 306 and the Norma and they are not worth it. Bad graphic and handling.
    The tracks instead are in mas format and their folders need to be placed in rfactor2\installed\locations\.
    I tried a few and they are ok. It's not S397 Laser quality, but enough good looking.

    The tracks included are these: Abreschviller, Beaujolais, Chamrousse, ColStPierre, Dunieres, Hebecrevon, LaPommeraye, MontDore, Sabran, StGoueno, Turckheim, Vullaifans.

    And here my link for Trento Bondone, ST Ursanne, Gorjanci, Trieste, Monte Erice and Ilirska Bistrica:

    As for the cars, the best I can think of are the Osella PA20 and the Clio WRX (that you can find easily with google). Also good are the Bac Mono and the Ariel Atom. I tried also a 4WD version of the Nissan Primera BTCC car by Patrik Marek, with the handbrake enabled, and in Trento was fun.

    In the Sim Racing World Hill Climb Championship they use some cars converted from the RF1 Rally World, but they don't want to share them outside their league.
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    I have some goodies to come ;)
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    Aside from Targa, check Isle of Man too as it's brilliant...
    Unfortunately, as far as I remember, Pikes Peak is pretty drab and a far cry from AC's version (I hope it's a different version).
    The free version of Nords on the Steamworkshop has a reverse rally stage.
    As for the cars, you will get them when you enroll to race on the Hillclimb competition. I have been meaning to do it myself, but I don't have enough time to dedicate to it and I don't want to enroll just to get the cars as that would not be correct from my side.
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