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Discussion in 'Car Modding' started by Chris Lesperance, Mar 29, 2020.

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    I've had a pet project for the last couple years that I have been working on. Being partly part of iDT, it's been the Panoz DP01.

    My question. The way that it is mapped, there is a WCCARBODY and then a second main texture, the WCWINGS, where the wings are mapped. Is there a way to have bot textures applies with the IBL/PBR? I have it to a point where I think I can do both separately, but not both together. Is there something coming down the line where multiple textures can be applied at the same time?
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    Chris just create a wcwings json in your editor and place it in your teams folder and then you can set it to match the wccarbody json. Make sure it’s named wcwings.json. Only issue you can’t make adjustments with the editors and save but if you make your wccarbody json the way you want it and then copy these settings to your wcwings.json. Also check with simed to make sure your texture settings for wcwings are the same as wccarbody.

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