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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nokto, Mar 5, 2021.

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    I would like to have driver against IA when there are more important performance level betweens cars. It often appears that they are 10 cars following each other. For some racing categories it might be interesting but not for others.
    I have "AI Limiter" set to 0 which according to my knowledge should maximize the level difference.

    I know the usual stuff such as "run qualif".

    I would like so much an option which set AI level as an interval such as [98-103]. Or Maybe tweaking IA individual driver performance, or random level of fuel.... I down know
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    Actually, doesn't increasing the AI limiter lead to more unforced errors and thus a more broken up field?
    red files are supposed to allow some driver customization, but getting them to work properly in rF2 is a real pain.
    Some of what you are describing may be more logic problems with the AI handling in rF2. And that won't have an easy or quick fix. The new ownership will either allow more core issues like offline racing to be corrected, or bring a complete stop to spending resources on difficult time consuming problems. Time will tell.

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