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Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by Ronaldoz, Feb 9, 2020.

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    After tweaking the graphic settings quiet much, I'm pretty satisfied now. With the current settings, rFactor looks really nice with steady 60FPS (even @ starts) with 30 AI and 30 visible AI @ Nordschleife and Le Mans for example. Using 2560 x 1440 resolution. Almost no tearing too.

    Driving at night with AI is not really possible with my setup. At least not with decent graphics. The rain looks really bad anyway at low settings, so I just race without. And that is fine. But I wish night was working fine tho. Anyway, here is a short summary of my testing:
    1. The RESOLUTION doesn't really matter that much. Whatever texture settings I use, I keep pushing the 4GB VRAM for maximum tracks like Nordschleife / Sebring. I am at 2560 x 1440, but I also tried 1650 x 1080. I think I could run better at 2560 x 1440 anyway.

    2. Using too much VRAM causing heave lagdrops / stuttering. Also at lower resolutions, the VRAM is beeing pushed. I use Nordschleife to set the maximum usable settings. I have around 3600MB @ Nordschleife and 2600MB @ Sebring.

    3. Somehow VSYNC could limit GPU usage.. I did have to turn it off to get 99% GPU usage (@ starts)

    4. I don't really try to get it running nice at NIGHT and with RAIN (because rain looks bad at low settings and night it too much demanding, and I don't want to sacrifice all graphics to make it look like a oldskool PS2 game.

    5. BIG MYSTERY I can use lot's off AI DRIVERS without big difference in performance. Yes, if the field is more separated, the performance is much better. But it does not really matter if I have 10 AI with 10 visible or 30 AI with 30 visible. The CPU USAGE is always around 30 a 50%. It just hit the GPU. When driving alone, the GPU usage is much lower.
    So now, I got 60 steady FPS (also at the start) @ Nordschleife and Le Mans, even with sunset / sunrise / overcast. However, it's 40 FPS @ Sebring.. that will change when the field is more separated. The performance is steady and smooth, without FPS drops. So for now I'm satisfied. But it's really nice to drive with 30 AI and 30 visible AI. (GT3 / GTE Package)

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