Huge performance issue since DX11, in particular with AI

Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by ApRS06, Dec 26, 2017.

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    Hello everyone.

    This post is almost "a call for help" in the direction of @Marcel Offermans or @Christopher Elliott or anyone else on skilled on that subject at @S397.

    Anyone in the community with some skills or specific knowledge of RF2 settings in the game files is welcome.

    The subject that I have a big problem (it's a little bit to say) is the very strong performance loss that I have on my system since the transition from the beta DX11 to the current version DX11.

    Any advice to find a good performance / quality report is welcome :

    The GPU and in particular the CPU (new phenomenon), are totally dropped.

    I manage to obtain an acceptable performance / quality compromise since I understood that with this new version of DX11 and my hardware, it is purely and simply impossible for me to find any acceptable compromise BY USING THE AI (even 4 AI in low quality , with auto detail FPS = 60). I succeed to have good compromise performance/quality WITHOUT USING AI.

    Thus any help regarding other aspects of performance / quality improvement is welcome.

    Nevertheless, having identified where is the heart of the problem (use of the AI), I wish to have a support essentially on it.

    So I identified that :

    - Even the AI in low detail, 4 AI only, and auto detail FPS = 60 : the performances are catastrophic (GPU and CPU. I never really had CPU problems with DX9 and beta DX11).
    - AI headlights have catastrophic effects on performance in my hardware. I guess the rearlights and especially the red highlights on the track too.
    - The water clouds behind the AI are too greedy in terms of performance for my hardware, even in special FX = OFF and soft particles = OFF.
    - It should be able to deactivate the water on the bodywork and windows of the AI.
    - The fact that AIs are present and on the scene, even in very low graphics, destroys performance. The CPU is incredibly impacted : it's not just a loss of FPS, but there are big "lags" as I've known when I played video games over 15 years ago.
    - Shadows of the AI, not essential but killer of FPS.
    - It would be nice if the AA parameters of RF2 do not necessarily affect the AI ...... I wonder if that would not be a good idea.

    In short, even if any help is good to take, I mainly looking to optimize the performance of the AI : optimizing the player.json or any other file, tips to configure the UI in a performance goal, I seek in particular to disable the AI headlight or reduce the impact, water clouds behinds AI optimized, etc.

    Thank you.
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    Same happends to me, but seems normal don't you think?
    With AI, there are more cars, therefore more shadows, lights, reflections, physics, dust and so on.
    To be clear, in rain with 15 cars, i have like 30-40 fps difference between practice alone or race with 15 cars.
    I would recomend you this options

    "Headlights on cars="false"” Headlights don't reflect in other cars

    "Max headlights =10” Number of theadlights in cars

    "Rearview_Back_Clip":60 Rendered distance in meters in the mirror

    Garage Detail="0.01000" Pit quality

    Self In Cockpit Rearview="0" - 0 here will not draw your car parts in the rearview mirror

    Rearview Cull="1" - 1 here will ensure details are reduced in the rearview
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    @ApRS06 What GPU and how much VRAM does it have?

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