Huge FPS drop in cloudy situations

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    Hi all,

    I have been lately feeling that during weather changes to cloudy situations there has been a much higher fps impact than what I used to have in the past ("past" being about 3 months ago). Fps is well and great in sunny conditions, but as the weather changes to cloudy, or if the session itself already starts in cloudy situation, the fps impact is quite noticeable. I have felt this both in online and offline situations, so I don't believe it has anything to do with server problems.

    I race in VR (HP Reverb G2), but I have heard complains from my peers in my league that race with 3 screens and 1 screen as well, so I do not believe it is a problem exclusive to VR.

    The fps drop in rainy is official tracks has not been too much of a problem, but night situations I get about 50% fps drop during race start, even in official tracks. But I suspect this has always been the case, so I do not have the parameters and history to test and compare results.

    Regarding the cloudy situations, I have tested in "Cloudy", "Mostly Cloudy" and "Scripted - Overcast" situations during the day (2pm), with 30 AI cars (rolling start). I have also, just for kicks, tested the same presets but at night (10pm), all done in the following tracks:
    • Silverstone (official)
    • Le mans 2020 (official)
    • Nurburgring Nordschleife (official)
    • Indianapolis Road Course (official)
    • Road America 2019 (mod)
    • Watkins Glen full course (mod)
    • Mid Ohio no chicane (mod)
    My PC specs are:
    Intel i9 9900k @ 5Ghz, ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-F, 16 Gb DDR 4 RAM (Vengeance 3600 MHz), ASUS GeForce RTX 3080 Ti OC, Windows 10 Pro, SSD 1 Tb Samsung EVO 870

    What game settings I'm using (running in VR @ 90 Hz, reprojection = off in WMR for Steam VR, ForceDX 11 = off, SS at 90%, motion smoothing = off):
    • Anti aliasing = Level 3
    • MSAA 8x
    • Post effects = off
    • Circuit Detail = Medium
    • Player Detail = Medium
    • Opponent Detail = Medium
    • Texture Detail = High
    • Texture Filter = 16x Anisotropic
    • Special Effects = Medium
    • Shadows, Blur = Off
    • Soft Particles, Rain Drops, Road Reflection = Low
    • Visible Cars = 12
    • Rearview clip = 120 meters
    • Virtual Mirrors = central only
    As for rFactor 2 version (BETA in Steam) I am running current release version (no RC, no betas, nothing like that).

    A quick summary of what I have measured with fpsVR:
    1. During the day, with official tracks, the fps drop is noticeable, but mostly during race start, where fps drops from 90 to about 80, but in the end, the impact is minimal and gameplay is not really affected. According to fpsVR, GPU frametime at or below 11.1 ms (90 Hz) was 92.7% and CPU at 99.9%
    2. Still during the day, with mod tracks, the fps drop is much more pronounced, specially during race start. For Road America, for example, the average fps during race start was around 50 - 60, and after a few laps, it got better to around 75. According to fpsVR, GPU frametime at or below 11.1 ms (90 Hz) was 70.3% and CPU at 99.6%
    3. For night time (still cloudy situations), things get a lot worse. Silverstone I can get by "ok", but Le Mans and Nordschleife it becomes impossible, specially at race start, when I got around 45 fps, and then it got better after 2 laps to something like 60 fps. Strange that for mod tracks, the impact was about the same, so night time did not affect mods tracks so much, like the cloudy presets during day time
    I have uploaded some print screens from the fpsVR reports, so you guys can get a little more detail (such as if the bottleneck is in the GPU or CPU). First one is daytime, official track (Silverstone), and the second one daytime, mod track (Road America).

    The question here is: has there been any update from S397 recently that has resulted in a drastic impact from clouds to GPU/CPU performance?

    Day_mod_Cloudy.PNG Day_official_Cloudy.PNG
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    Was that after the clouds were moved?
  3. Marcus Battaglia

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    I tested 2 days ago, using presets, offline.

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