[REL] Howston G4 - Modded - 1967 Endurance Racing (Proto/Sports/GT)

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    We are not going to invent any new work method with this, it is simply to apply the free software model. :)
    @woochoo or another guy with experience be the head and make the road map with the tasks must be done.
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    I would be happy to be a consultant to whoever wanted to organise the project
    PM me if you're interested in... task lists, check boxes, flow charts, putting things in their most efficient order given available resources, replacing text snippets in text files, historic sports cars and Le Mans. Or something like that :)
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    I confirm and even Prototype C from F1C is allowed I think :) Sadly nobody has still begun to convert the GTPC ;) I always think the community can convert all of them and after that, adding cars or doing a new model to replace old models from F1C.... Like Gran Turismo 5, some standard models and some premium models, I think everybody in community can work together on a mod like that with only one credo "Doing more with less working" (and not doing twice the same rims for example) (see my message about Mclaren M23/M25 below, my messages on Lola T500 and St Petersburg topic). There are various working on a mod like that :
    - Research about cars (dimension, data, pictures for all evolution)
    - Conversion of old cars with permission
    - "Mockup" car as Woochoo did here!
    - 3D model
    - 2D Painting
    - Physics
    - and so on
    And a long time ago, I thought to create a forum where we can work all together with his skills and which is completely opened for the community. On all categories, some openwheel cars are used in CanAm or Interserie, we can't divide different fields of motorsport so easily indeed! However it is too late now I think!
    And of course the same mind can be applied on track modelling with some simple variation and the main modeller can allow to do some variations with different sponsors!
    I'm a great dreamer, yes!

    And of course thank you for your project Woochoo! I have missed it.
    I must say that I watch the modding from far away now. I hope I can come back a day.... I had a good project of a March car (73S-77S)... with an original blueprint of a wind tunnel model and dimensions of March 77S from http://www.marchives.com/ .... (No PM to have it, I have promise to keep it on my computer only!).
    However no motivation right now, and I scared I won't find back my motivation. My main reason for this motivation lack is the research before the modelling because I'm an annoying person which wants to be too much accurate, to model all versions once and to have some accurate dimensions before everything else. (Width, length, heigth, wheelbase, track for the easy parts and tyre and rims dimension for the difficult part)

    Doing a Mclaren M23/M25 is difficult for me beauce the dimensions changed year after year :D and I want to do the unfamous Can-Am version https://www.racingsportscars.com/photo/1979/Watkins_Glen-1979-07-08c-028.jpg :eek: (yes I'm completly stupid, 3 or 4 races in Can Am only :D, you can see my 956 variations in GTPC mod :D)

    EDIT Woocho, sorry for this long unstructured aside message on your topic!

    EDIT2: During my reflexion about Sportscars Unlimited mod which is stillborn mod, https://www.virtualr.net/sportscars-unlimited-rfactor-2-first-previews , I thought to integrate the scratch model from Brickyard Legend Team as standard model (Kostas allowed it to me) and make 4 model categories:
    - Premium models (full details)
    - Standard+ model (Model with mechanical details (GTPC))
    - Standard model (Model without mechanical details (BTL))
    - Basic model (F1C (PTC))
    (+ a Grid Filter model, why not for very old model as SCGT)

    Very old screen almost 4 years ago! And I lost this work on my computer indeed... Maybe on my other computer!
    rFactor (Lancia LC2-83) & GTL (Mazda RX-7 253i de BLT) (Standard model)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    F1C (905 Evo 2) (Basic model)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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