How to properly remove McLaren WFG and Shadow liveries and leave all GT3 liveries intact?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tpw, Sep 30, 2019.

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    Like a lot of people I was baffled with the S397 decision to bundle all the 650S GT3 and WFG liveries together. You know the drill, run a GT3 field in Session Settings and 50% of the bloody cars are WFG McLarens. Same deal with the 720S and the shadow liveries.

    Obviously I can mess around in MAS and try to remove the offending liveries, but the problem is that there are cars which have the same GT3 and WFG/Shadow livery number. eg McLaren 720S GT3 #17. This appears twice in the MAS list, and unticking either entry removes the car from both the GT3 and Shadow from the in game menu.

    Do any of you MAS wranglers know the way around this irritating "feature"? Thanks in advance.

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