How to customize Driving-Line texture

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    There have been a few threads asking how to change driving-line (aid) texture. Here is a method (workaround) for customizing driving-line texture.

    The idea is to create a new texture file and packaged into track layout mas file. Since track layout mas file has higher assets loading priority, new driving-line texture will override built-in texture from game. Example texture ZIP file is attached at the end of post.

    1. Create a new texture, size 512x512 or 1024x1024 should be enough.

    2. Create a new empty layer with alpha channel.

    3. Draw a new shape that represent driving-line, and fill it with pure white.

    4. (Optional)Apply slightly "Gaussian Blur" to the shape so the edges won't be too sharp. It will look like following:

    5. Export image as TGA format and name it DrivingLine_Alba, and use MapConverter tool (in rFactor 2\Support\Tools\MapConverter folder) to convert texture to DDS format. See dev guide for how to use MapConverter.

    6. Place new inside the track's layout folder (as unpacked from mas file).

    7. Use MAS2 tool to either create a new track package, or a track update package. Then install and play in normal game. For how to create track update package, see guide here.

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