How do I import a track created in Bob's Track Builder into Rfactor?

Discussion in 'Track Modding' started by davef, Mar 22, 2023.

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    Try this way.

    ◙ Export to rF1 in a folder outside of development mode <with the name you want the track to have> (this will save you work later).
    ◙ Create the structure <with whatever name you want the circuit to have> in moddev locations.
    ◙ Edit the original SCN and delete the lines corresponding to the sky.
    ◙ Copy SCN, TDF, AIW, CAM and GDB to the new folder.
    ◙ Import in 3dsimed the rF1 scn.
    ◙ Export GMT rF2 to the new structure.
    ◙ Export the textures to the new structure.
    ◙ Edit the new SCN to update the search paths with the data of the new structure.
    ◙ Import the new SCN into 3dsimed and check that everything is displayed correctly and use the info tool to check that no objects or textures are missing.
    ◙ If there are no errors you should be able to start rF2 in development mode and charging the circuit.

    From this moment on you are ready to start editing everything you need, include animated objects, modify shaders / textures, etc. (the latter I do from rFactor Devmode as you can see the changes in real time and the adjustment is more accurate).

    I think I am not forgetting anything, I have related the process from memory.
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    OK Folks, Thanks to all your kind help I actually have my track importing from Bob's track builder into RFactor and can take some laps (with the track running in the right direction - learned the hard way that I needed to start my Google Earth path at the start-finish line and proceed in the correct direction that the track runs.. duh!). So a milestone and I'm turning some laps and learning the track which is great. I'd like to increase the reality of the track by adding additional details and I'm a bit murky on which of these are best done in Bob's Track Builder, Which are best done in 3Dsim and which are best done in Rfactor Dev (are there things you can do in Rfactor other than drive the car? If so I had no idea!).

    In general I'd like to:

    1 Add some additional roads including pit in / pit out, some run-outs a few chicane bypasses and other landmarks that would allow me to better visualize the track. Ideally these would blend into the existing track but I guess that's not critical.

    2 Add fencing/walls in key areas

    3 Add trees - just approximating tree coverage and generally just blocking visibility although there are a few key trees that you can set-up off of that might be nice to add a bit more accurately.

    4 Add a few more buildings.

    In addition to this, as DJCruicky pointed out above - all my textures are too bright and shimmering although I can actually live with this.

    Everything I'm looking to do is just to allow me to spot landmarks when sim racing that I can key into when I'm on the actual track.

    Can anyone provide just a few thoughts on where these refinements are best done? Are they best done in Bob's Track Builder, 3DSim or RFactor itself?

    Thanks to everyone for the help. You're great!

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    @davef dev mode won't get you any of that, the 'editing' in there is more about the AIW (sounds like you have something functional enough already there from BTB), some stuff to help with making a car (physics/audio), track cameras and possibly some fine tuning / testing of some track graphical parameters - but probably not something you need to worry about.

    Adding objects etc you'll want to do either in 3dsimed or BTB. I'd guess BTB would be more straightforward for you, 3dsimed is a bit clunky when it comes to placing/copying objects. So while you're still at 'converting from BTB' stage, which you may never need to leave, I'd say aim for doing stuff in BTB and just convert and run it. If later on you wanted to actually refine the track details you might finalise your BTB version and then aim for either doing what you can in 3dsimed or going to blender and getting all crazy with it.

    Texture refining (basic) you could probably manage at this point too, but the advanced shader stuff would be 3dsimed and more time consuming - I think for your current purposes that wouldn't be worthwhile.
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    @davef , I get the feeling that you don't know what an XPack is.
    Xpack is a library of objects and textures ready to be used in BTB that you can even create yourself.
    I attach a link where you can find some of them:

    As Lazza has told you the rF2 development mode is used, among other things, to create the AIW, but in this case if you edit the track with BTB it is no longer necessary.
    You can't move or include objects with it.

    What you can do in editor mode is to make the last adjustment of the shaders (once the track has been charging in Modev access via web at the address: http://localhost:5397/materialeditor/index.html#/), but I repeat, last adjustment.

    Work as much as you can in BTB, which is the easiest, and when you have everything you finish working and convert to 3dsimed.

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