How about franchising the rating system?

Discussion in 'Wish Lists' started by seiken, Jun 22, 2024.

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    The official daily races change car types and courses every week, which may be hard to approach for those who want to sit down and work on GT3, for example.

    If a series for each car type is established permanently like iRacing and a series of races are held for a season, the number of users will increase, won't it?

    It would be hard to create the resources for that.
    If that is the case, could we franchise the rating system so that races run by third parties would be reflected in the official ratings?

    There could be license fees and server rental revenue.

    (I posted this in the past in the wrong place, so I'm reposting it here)
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    LFM tried to do so but didn't survive ...

    Best option to stay on a class on rFactor2 is probably to look for a league that make a serie on the class you want to focus.

    Or sadly play another game like iRacing or ACC which have a real dedicated ladder and championships by series.

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