[SOLVED] Help with camera controls needed.

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    Hi guys,

    since the latest build (not necessarily because of it) my camera controls in replays go nuts. I usually bind my cam controls to my joystick (T16000). Now I'm experiencing some problems with the binding as well as the camera moving on it's own.
    When trying to bind axis to a certain direction the GUI goes crazy either taking ALT or CTRL as a input. Also the question window when rebinding an already bound key is flickering wildly.
    So when I'm in a replay to record some footage the cam moves on it's own without any input from me. Direction/rotation depending on the axis it is bound to.

    I can't make it stop! HEeelp me! I suspect it is because of my new keyboard. It was rather cheap and I rather not tell where it's been produced. But it glows in the dark :) Which is awesome!

    Please ISI or anybody help me! I need to make a video with the NSX.


    I deinstalled some old Logitech keyboard drivers. However, it would be a nice thing to have, if there was some way to set a deadzone for camera controls.
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