(GT3 pack) car´s and engines stats, .hdv info

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    Since the files of the GT3 pack are encrypted, we are missing the information usually available in the .hdv and engine files, most importantly car stats as weight, power, powerband (in rFactor 1 it is always visible in the car selection menu).
    Also brake operating temperature, brake disc thickness at failure, pitstop times/simulation and ofcourse max safe engine temperature and lifetime.
    In real life, those values would be known to a driver/engineer, from the supplier of the parts/engine, from dyno running or bench testing.
    So if the files will remain encrypted, it would be very good if all these statistics would be made available somewhere in s397/rFactor 2 pages.
    This not only helps the advanced drivers, but also provides a chance to advertise the cars and simulator, showing all the details involved in driving and tuning them.
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    Would be nice but s397 probably have non disclosure clauses with some of the info of official cars.
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    The cars ARE GT3 after all. Just check out any of the APEX or Simtek GT3 cars. All use Steel Brakes, HP is capped by the series. Tires are, or should be similar depending upon which league you are running. There are charts which show steel brake optimum temps and engine temps are rather normal. YES a real team would have access to some of this info, but if you were a Gentleman driver renting the car for a series, you most certainly would NOT get most of the manufacturer data. You'd get vanilla generalizations to prevent said driver from calling up a competitor and spilling the beans. If you wanted HP figures, you'd have to pay and arrange for a private Dyno test.(provided you leasing contract allowed such a test.) If you want aero data you'd have to go find a wind-tunnel(and wheelbarrows of money) if you wanted tire data, the Pirelli folks would tell you politely to 'go pound sand' ((with an Italian accent of course)) They would tell you NOT to under-inflate or tilt the tires too much. No word would you get about hystoresis(sp???) or compound makeup. The Penske Shock folks, or Olin if you prefer, would say these cars normally use clicks 5 thru 7 or something similar. They would not engage you in a theoretical discussion about valving, gasses, viscosity or how many rebounds Wilt Chamberlain had. So what I'm saying is: You can get close without the cars being x-rayed, cat-scanned, or otherwise having their innards on full display.

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