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    So I do endurance racing on rfactor 1 with the ai offline. I use the auto-ai driver as my co-driver. I changed the 'ai grip multiplier' for each car so they are balanced in lap times among each other and so that they can also keep up with me around the auto-ai pace (which is usually is around 100% difficulty, I have found out). I am able to do this easily in rfactor files as i don't need to open MAS files and such.

    With rfactor 2 I can't do these changed as easily so i was wondering what would be the best video or guide to adjusting grip levels in rfactor 2 through the mas files. I have tried to adjust them, but i usually just lose the car in game as I am not doing the packaging correctly or something along those lines.

    Today, i tried to adjust the ai speed with the 'ai corner grip usage' setting in the player folder and that helped with most of the cars in making them quicker, which is what I wanted. However, it made the AMG act very, very strangely in the ai's control. the car appeared to be bouncing and they couldn't really drive like normally, yet the other gt3 cars I tested looked completely normal. I'm wondering if the AMG needs a look at how the tire physics work and what not because it behaves in the ai's 'hands' unlike any other gt3. Before i even messed with the 'ai corner grip usage' it was always the slowest among the ai so I feel there needs to be some adjusting done. Not sure if anybody else has experienced similar things.

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