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    Drivers get ready!
    Welcome back to GT Pro Series. The season will be based upon last season top 20 and top 5 in GT Challenge and top 5 in relegation. This season we are keeping BMW SIM M2 CS Racing Cup 2020 online as our support series and also a slightly changed draft system.
    Read more on our website

    Required content:
    We will be using all our GTE cars and tracks as posted below.

    There will be no splits in Pro Series as it will remain locked for the season. However Challenge Series will have splits.

    We will be broadcasting our Pro race on our Twitch channel and on Traxion's YT channel

    Livery submission:
    As per rules, we require a custom made livery, the deadline is August 2nd at 18:00 (timezone as per rules)

    Name vs nickname:
    We require every participants to use their real name in game, in our competition system and on our forum. We need to be able to recognize you. If you have a nickname and need to change it - contact our staff.

    Season schedule:
    26 July: Car draft
    9 August: Monza
    23 August: Sebring
    6 September: Lime Rock Park (Uphill chicane)
    20 September: Loch Drummond (long)
    4 October: Spa-Francorchamps
    18 October: Indianapolis (RC)
    All of these events will be live streamed

    Race day details:
    Race length:
    15/45 minutes
    Pro Race day: every other Monday
    In-game race time: 15:00

    18:00 - Open practice
    20:00-20:15 - Qualifying
    20:15 - Race start sprint
    20:30 - Race ends (+ 1 lap)
    20:35 - Race start main (pitstop required)
    Heavy rubber at start of practice, remember this builds for the sessions until restarted.

    Code of conduct


    The draft mechanism sort the drivers from last seasons GT WC putting the lowest scoring drivers first and the highest scoring drivers last
    Weight penalties are:

    1st pick +0kg
    2nd pick +0kg
    3rd pick +0kg
    4th pick +0kg
    5th pick +0kg
    6th pick +10kg
    7th pick and above +20kg

    After the season - overall standings
    Position 30-26 to drop out of Pro Series
    Position 25-21 to go into relegation
    Position 20-1 secured a spot for next Season of Pro Series already

    How to qualify:
    Race in Challenge and finish in top 5 to be moved into Pro. 6th-10th is invited into relegation.

    Livery submission
    Templates (N/A)
    Discord link
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  2. Final standings and all results: https://www.studio-397.com/rfactor2-gt-series-2021/#standings
    Drivers in GTC and GTP that goes into relegation will be contacted in 22 regarding this, drivers going straight into Pro will get a notice as well as an invitation to the GTP discord. But it will not happen until sometime in 2022, plans are still being made.
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