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    First of all id like to say Hello as i am new to the Forum.

    Id also like to say Hello on behalf of the GPVWC Superleauge Team "Redbull Streetfighter Racing Systems"

    I am posting here because we are looking for People interested in joining our Team and working together with us in one of the most competitive Leagues on rFactor 2.

    You have the chance to work with a lot of different People, all working hard at making this Team better each and every day.

    We are looking for a Setup Engineer working together with each of our Racing Drivers in the 3 different tiers of GPVWC Single Seater Competition aswell as our GT Racing Team.

    The Role will include the following tasks:

    -Work on a daily/weekly basis on improving setup based on driver Feedback and if possible work together on Our Server and/or talk over our discord Channel

    -be experienced on Analyzing Motec Data in order to help make further gains and work out possible changes to improve

    -Be part of our Team Meetings Post and Pre-Race to help make decisions on upcoming tracks and de-brief after a Race to analyze the outcome of the latest Event

    What do We offer you?:

    -wether you are a Real World Racing Driver,just a Fan or Simracer or something completely else you get the chance to work with a hard working Simracing Team looking to improve every day and Race hard

    -while we race hard we also have lots of fun along the way talking about anything and everything

    - a chance to work with a Simracing Team sponsored by Redbull

    and more

    If you are interrested get in touch with me here and we can talk about everything.

    Thank you,

    Florian Geier
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