Godzilla conversion to GT3

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    Hi Studio,

    as you too i´ve had been part of the 24h Nords at P1-Gaming last weekend. Since a long time i asked myself and other guys, why we had this wonderful Nissan GT-R as GT1-Class car? There is nothing to compete with, and cup-racing isn´t that thing to have fun long time with it. Yes, i knew that this car was created by ISI, not the Studio!
    Isn´t there any possibility to convert it physically to GT3-Class? They are still an popular car in GT3-races and i think, there a always some guys or teams that would bring it into an grid. I have no clue, how wasteful or difficult it may be, but for me it´s only a thing of physics, the bodywork i think is no problem for someone, most people didn´t recognize differents between GT1 and GT3, if there someone!?
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