Global Endurance Series 21/22

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    Global Endurance Modding is proud to present the next step in our online racing ventures with the kick-off of our league system for teams: the Global Endurance Series. In 7 races with different formats, the teams will battle for the championship in 4 different classes.

    LMP1 will be the fastest class, represented by the Ginetta and Nagoya (TBR) by Global Endurance Modding. LMP2 will be the second prototype class, represented by the official Ligier and Oreca. The GTE class will be split into Pro and Am by the Organization, where the Pro class consists of the official GTE cars as they are, while the Am class will get onboard ABS at the cost of a 6% engine power cut. These classes are free to enter for all teams. For the GTE classes, it is required to submit each driver's fastest lap times at Spa and Silverstone, which will be used to make the division between Pro and Am as fair as possible.

    The series will have proper race weekends, qualifying on Friday night and the race on Saturday. Our special events will have an additional (not mandatory) practice session on Thursday to Friday night.
     6 &  7 Aug     Nürburgring 4h
     2 -  5 Sep     GEM Le Mans 24h
     1 &  2 Oct     Monza 6h
    12 & 13 Nov     Silverstone 4h
    10 & 11 Dec     Fuji 8h
    21 & 22 Jan     Portimao 6h
    25 - 27 Feb     Sebring 1000
    For more information and the sign up details, check out our website and join our Discord.
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