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    More and more action-packed games are becoming popular and attract many eager gamers. Their action levels have grown dramatically as well.

    Furthermore, many of them don’t require any download and also free-to-play but still provide lots of fun and great qualities.

    So where can you find them? In a lot of websites out there, our Manti Games will surely bring you fantastic action games with all the above benefits. Get your blood pumping with some of our fascinating free online games - try now on PC and mobile!

    1. Bones Slasher

    Have you ever tried fighting against an overpowering group of barbarians and monsters? So, welcome to a fantasy world let in this online HTML5 killing game.

    According to many users, this is one of the coolest and the most incredible action games. Although it will little by little become harder, if you’re quick with your mouse or fingers, it isn’t too hard to reach high-level waves.

    Right now, start playing, become a mighty warrior, equip weapon power-ups and destroy enemies to defend your kingdom with this epic game.

    Don’t miss this cool and totally free game.

    2. Tanki Online

    It is a 3D action browser and also a massively multiplayer online game. In this epic tank battle game, you will control the own battle tank to fight against other users in intense firefights.

    There are various choices for awesome 3D maps, tanks, weaponry, and other customizable options. Also, it has smooth gameplay and beautiful graphics. In a word, all those will surely bring you plenty of fun.

    This game will satisfy you with its explosive features.
    3. Cargo Crime Shooter

    This is one of the best online games. Here, you have to stop the Cargo Crime and fight against the waves of a criminal army thanks to clever tactics.

    With the unity WebGL technology, it becomes a popular fast-paced, round based, survival game now and also rated to be fiendishly addictive.

    So, why don’t you grab the weapons, find the best position, and get ready to defeat your enemy from every side now?

    4. Epic Monster War

    It is an exciting tug-of-war strategy game and has multiple levels to challenge. Players will be in the real Epic Monster War, the greatest threat of humanity, and face terrifying monster armies.

    It also leads you to an apocalyptic world with amazing things to discover through a fascinating and dangerous battle.

    Are you ready? Let build your own strong military teams to attack those enemies with this battle game.

    Try this dramatic battle for more experience.
    5. Super Mario Bros

    The ultimate name we would suggest is Super Mario Bros. This free online action game is better than the iconic Mario version.

    You will have different options for Marios and other characters with special abilities to finish progressively harder levels and gain target score for each one.

    Don’t wait anymore! Let think fast and move faster to complete the game in this non-stop adventure.

    Get more fun with this new Mario version.


    Those are the awesome free online action games that are extremely popular with many played times at Manti Games we would suggest. Try them and don’t forget to let us know your comments! If you are looking for some other amazing games, these online games to play with your friends are worth a try.
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